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GL503VS - CPU Overheating - Left Fan not working

Level 7
Hi guys,

I have a GL503VS (1 year and 4 months old laptop).

I started noticing some consistent FPS drops in many games. They were periodic drops from 60 FPS to 10/20 FPS, even in 10 year old games (which isn't supposed to happen in a PC with a GTX 1070).

Then I looked in the ROG Gaming Center and I saw very high CPU core temperatures (around 95-99 °C).

Then I noticed that the left fan of the PC is always stopped.
I tried to update every driver of the PC and the current BIOS is 306.

Do you guys have some idea of how could I resolve this issue or should I simply send my PC to be repaired?

EDIT: On a similar post I saw I guy that said that his Fan started working after reinstalling Windows 10. Do you think this might work or it would be only a waste of time?


I'd say you have two choices: Try the reinstall or try replacing the fan. It's less likely you'll find a new fan replacement but you may be able to find a pull from a used machine on Ebay.
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and if replacing the fans, the fan connectors on the motherboard have very gentle pins that tend to bend very easily if the fan is inserted in wrong angle or using brute force.

or have you already opened to machine for dust cleaning etc and then when you removed the fans from their connectors you accidentaly bent the pins, you should check if this is the case.
I've seen people buying new fans and those "are broken from the beginning" when the problem is simple, bent pins.