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GL503VMF -- audio pops from speakers?

Level 7
I have a fairly new GL503VMF (the one from Bestbuy for $1300 with Gsync 120Hz display). Not 502, but the new 503 series.

I like it very much so far, but one issue I haven't been able to fix is that I get occasional audio pops from the speakers. I do NOT hear them at all when using headphones, only speakers. They are not too bad, or too often, but they are a little annoying when I hear them.

I think it may be the Sonic Studio III software, but not 100% sure.

For now, just wanna confirm if others with a GL503 have noticed audio pops from the speakers.

Level 7
I've noticed on my gl502vs and i haven't been able to solve it :c

Do you mean such cracks that appear when you engage speakers after long outage (i.e. starting watching video after typing several minutes)? It is a common problem, as I know, I have it too (GL553VD bought March 2017).

Level 8
I dont know if you could solve this but i think its sonic studio. The speakers pops because the volume is too high. If you access sonic studio options you should see the software volume is set to 100%, i set it to 50% and no more pops but you could set it lower or just disable it.