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GL503VM Not booting up sometimes

Level 7

My laptop does not boot sometimes, it gets stuck in ROG logo and the processing light does not light up or blink, it can be stuck up in this state for 20 mins also and could go on, during this time I wont be able to boot to BIOS as well, but if keep pressing the power button to hard shutdown and start it again, it will boot properly, sometimes I may have to try 3 or 4 times before it boots up, one time I was even stuck for 20 mins it did not boot up.

I am unable to debug this issue, why does it not boot sometimes, what are the steps I can take to debug and resolve this issue

I am on the latest bios that is available for this laptop 306, its approximately 1.5 yr old and I have latest 1909 installed. this issue was happening even before this version, I have already tried clean installing windows and I have upgraded to a different SSD as well. issue is still there

Level 7
Can someone please help with this

No one has any idea about this ?

Level 8
can you try a different HDD/SSD/NVME if you have one available? sounds like a failing HDD