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GL503VD, how to set edge scroll/1 finger scrolling?

Level 7
Good day

I just got a Gl503vd laptop, and found out that i can't set the touch pad to do one finger scroll (edge scroll); i need to use two fingers to scroll. This is a problem for me because i injured my middle finger so it hurts when ever i do it. Does anyone know how to set edge scroll on this laptop?

I have read that i need to install a touch pad driver but don't know which one.

Thanks in advance.

Level 7
Can't anyone please help me.

Hi guys, seeing that no one can help me with this problem and even customer support can't help, I have no other chose but to return the laptop and get a HP OMAN 15, I have checked it out and know I can do the 1 finger scroll with it.

It’s really sad, the laptop was good maybe if I hadn’t gotten injured, but it’s kind of ****ty that the system doesn’t have an option for this. Well it was nice while it lasted.