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GL503GE Windows Downgrade from Win11 to Win10

Level 7
Hi everyone..
My name is Ian Randy from Indonesia. I'm use an Asus GL503GE for about 2 years..

I use this laptop with Windows 10 Pro original onboard and about the end of 2021 I received upgrade notification to Windows 11. I was excited to experience this new Windows system and i choose to upgrade.

But after several months, i feel this Windows version not better than Windows 10. And i want to downgrade Windows 11 to Windows 10. But, i don't know how to downgrade. I confuse to choose between downgrade or fresh install of Windows 10.

Please help me to choose which one is better to do. And if you can, plese provide links or step-by-step how to do that.

Many many thanks before and forgive me if my english is bad.