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GL503GE Unwatchable Screen Quality - Colour Banding and Grainy Images

Level 7
Hi All,

I recently purchased an Asus ROG GL503GE-EN026T. The laptop is quite good, very fast, Fan is a bit noisy but not a deal breaker.

However the screen quality is abysmal, It is extremely poor quality. I don't know how a manufacturer can create a media consumption device with such poor sub standard image quality.

Please look at the below links to see how bad and grainy the images are.

This is from Netflix Umbrella Academy, it is not a streaming or buffering issue, I have very good internet. I get exactly same quality from videos recorded from my drone / phone / mirrorless camera.

Please help!!!

Level 7
how can a company like asus provide this type of displays in the laptop it shows there testing standards, regret buying this

It helps if you can provide the urls of images we all can use to check if the issue exists for our screens.

Level 11
So this happens only while playing videos or playing games too?

Looks more like a driver issue.*