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GL503GE-ES73 Lag closing applications after WIndows 10 1803 Update, solved?

Level 8
When I close some applications, I can notice a lag in the system, even looking at the "fade out" of the window application being closed (it shortly freezes, so the fade effect is not smooth). I searched the internet and it seems that this is some incompatibility between the Intel Graphics driver and the nVidia driver. Seems that Intel solved the problem in more recent drivers, but trying to install the latest driver downloaded direct from Intel site fails with a message that the driver already installed was supplied is a custom version supplied by ASUS and is not compatible with the new "pure Intel" version, and that I should contact ASUS to get an updated driver.

Is anyone experiencing the same lag? Anyone knows how to fix it?

PS: GL503GE-ES73 Windows 10 64bits build 1803 with all updates applied.


Level 9
Thanks for the information. I get the lag and shadow, it seems to be third party apps never any Microsoft apps. Love the forced windows updates!

Have you done a search automatically for drivers from the device manager?

Microsoft has a update catalog of drivers. I've never understood what triggers if you get them through windows update or not. I've manually installed drivers from this site for third party peripherals that work better.
Every time you visit this site do a fresh search, then click the column heading last updated and it will sort by date.
The latest Intel driver from Intel's web site is My Gl703 is currently using
There are 4 different 23.20.16.**** driver versions that are newer. I've decided to take a wait and see approach. If you try one of these different versions let us know how it worked.

tap002 wrote:

Have you done a search automatically for drivers from the device manager?

Thanks for the hint! I completely forgot about the catalog site! I downloaded the lastest version of the Intel driver from there, installed it, and it seems that the lag is gone!


I haven't found any new information concerning this issue. I was hoping for a windows update. Anyone else confirm that the latest intel driver solves this problem? Anyone have and resolved this problem?

This setting eliminates the lag and shadow when closing a program: uncheck Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing.
Old control panel/System and Security/System/Advanced system settings/Advanced "Tab"/Performance/Settings/uncheck Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing. Everything else I've read still says it's a graphics driver issue. Some update their drive, some reinstall. Reinstall did not work for me, haven't tried manually updating.

FYI; June 26, 2018—KB4284848 cured it for me.