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GL502VT, Sudden Audio Quality Decrease

Level 7
Hello, I bought my Asus GL502VT a few months ago. The laptop is working awesomely and I'm very happy with it, but my only complaint has been the wonky way the audio port is handled. It has been mostly fine (sounds normal and high quality) until today, I was watching a video and suddenly my audio just started sounding like it was coming out of a tin can. I've tried reinstalling the drivers and dusting out the audio port, I've also restarted the laptop multiple times. I'm listening on a pair of Audio Technica M50X's and they still sound fine on my phone, but when I plug them into my laptop it sounds like trash. Does anyone know what could cause something like this, or if there's a way to fix it?

Level 8
If you've tried both the onboard speakers & the line out port & you're getting the issue on both it would suggest a driver issue.

Are you able to try a blue tooth or USB speaker/set of headphones to double check?

My Bluetooth headphones seem to be working fine. It sort-of sounds like the problem isn't happening for the onboard speakers, but they aren't very high quality to begin with so it's hard to tell.

Have you got some other headphones to try in the line out?

Sounds like it's either a loose connection to the port (in which case headphones would have the same issue) or poor contact between the port & plug (in which case other headphones/speakers might be ok).