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GL502VSK Screen suddenly stopped working

Level 7

TL;DR I have a GL502VSK and have been very happily using it for about 3 years now, but this morning the laptop's monitor stopped working: all other systems still work (I have the laptop hooked up to an external monitor rn), and I'm pretty sure the screen is actually backlit but it just doesn't show anything, it's black. I've tried a few things but none fixed it so far.

More information:

I bought my ASUS ROG GL502VSK in Sep 2017, and since then have been using it almost daily as my main PC.

My setup is basically:

  • The laptop itself (GL502VSK)
  • The included power brick and cable, plugged into the laptop
  • A Logitech G710+ keyboard, plugged in with USB
  • A Razer Naga Chroma mouse, plugged in with USB
  • An ASUS monitor (not sure the model), plugged in with HDMI

Sometimes I have everything plugged in and use the laptop as a sort of dual-monitor desktop with all the aforementioned peripherals, and sometimes I just use the laptop by itself when traveling, maybe with the mouse. This has been working with no defects as far as I can remember, up until two days ago.

This Monday morning, I woke up and laptop monitor itself was backlit (not turned off, but just displaying a pure black screen), and has been up until now (except when the laptop is turned off)

Luckily, I have my external monitor, so I am still using the laptop as everything else about it seems fine. However, I am stressed and worried about the cause, as none of the potential solutions I found worked, and it seems like this might be a problem with the actual screen hardware, which worries me that I will have to pay lots of money to fix the screen or get a whole new laptop.

I don't recall doing anything that might have caused this - the screen was working fine Sunday night, and the entire system had been sleeping peacefully with no unusual outside factors leading up to the screen no longer working the next morning.

Could somebody help me fix this?

Thank you very much,

- daniel1187

Level 7
Hi, any help with this?

I'm worried my entire laptop may start breaking now that the screen is gone.

It started flashing crazy pink colors and semi-working, the other day for about an hour, but the pixels were all shifted to the right by a few hundred pixels and mirrored the wrong way around in that margin on the left.

Level 10
Hello daniel1187,
Please kindly send your device to service center for further examination.
Thank you.