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[GL502VSK] Lags in game menus and when paused

Level 7

I am new to this forum and appreciate the advice, which has really helped so far.

But I still have a big issue in games like CS:GO, SC2, AoE definitive edition and so on.
The problem are extreme lags in certain games menues (1-3FPS) for 2-4s, but when the game is really on, everything seems fine and FPS are quite well. I also experienced this phenomena at the beginning of each single test of 3dmark11 (only 14k points with 1280x720 ).
Another strange thing is, that I cannot bring the graphics card to 100% in Furmark, I think due to 100% utilization of one single CPU thread.
The reason is easily found GPUz says perf cap reason UTIL and reduces clock in that situations. But in games, I cannot think of any reason for this.

What I already did:
- tried BIOS 301 and 303
- undervolted CPU (-0.125) and GPU (to 0.8V), activated and deactivated turbo boost, monitored CPU throttling (after undervolting no big throttling)
- checked SSD access time and speed
- tried different graphics drivers
- deactivated XBOX features on Win10 like the game recorder
- changed graphics card power management style in Windows energy settings and graphics driver

My System:
i7-7700Q, 16GB Ram, 2x1TB SSD (WD and Sandisk), Nvidia GTX1070, 200W PSU, Acer 27" WQHD, bought in March 17.

Has anyone experienced similar problems? Last try will be a new clean install of Win 10, then I will have to contact RMA.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

I found out the problem. When I deactivate Gsync (external Monitor supports Gsync 😉 ) every thin is alright. No lags and ~16k in 3dmark11.
But what can be done wrong on Gsync? I thought it is plug and play?