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GL502VSK GPU fan doesn't start automatically after 2 hours of gaming and reaching 89C

Level 7
Hi guys. I got a brand-new GL502VSK with latest bios version (version 303) and drivers.
While heavy gaming only my left side fan (CPU fan) spins and the right side fan stays completely off unless I manually set the fan speed to 100% in ROG gaming center. At 100% the second fan starts to spin from 0 RPM to maximum RPM but even at 99% fan speed, GPU fan at the right side of the laptop stays off. Does anybody here have the same laptop? I just want to make sure my machine isn't faulty.

When playing heavy games only my CPU fan spins. Even after 2 hour of gaming... The temps go as high as 95C for CPU and 89C for GPU but still the GPU fan does nothing except I manually set fan speed to 100% before the game starts. Then both fans spin at maximum speed and temps drop to ~77C for CPU and ~70C for GPU.
I read a post which said the GPU fan only starts to spin when its temp reaches 90C. Under heavy load my CPU fan spins so fast that it keeps my GPU temp below 90C only by 1 degree and doesn't let GPU to reach 90C.

Maybe there is something wrong with its sensor or something, but I hope not...My laptop is just 1 week old 😞