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GL502VSK Cooling options

Level 8
Hi all. I am looking at carrying out some cooling suggestions on my 502VSK. I know there are lots of different threads on this, which I have read but the information and options etc are scattered all over the place so I was just looking to get a summary of peoples thoughts if possible

Undervolting - I am already running UV on both CPU and GPU so this one is pretty much taken care of

Repaste - I will repaste the CPU and GPU, what paste do people recommend?*

Taping - I’ve read people have had very good success with taping the gaps between the heatsink and the grills. What tape is best to use? And which areas should be taped?

Pads- I’ve also read people using thermal pads. Again, which pads would people recommend and what area should be covered?

Thanks in advance and please let me know if I have missed any methods**

Level 8
Hi Marc Liptrot,

Thanks for sharing the information with the folks! 🙂

Level 8
Update on this - I have ordered Artic MX4 for the repaste and ordered some heat resistant tape for taping the fan and grills. I haven't gone down the thermal pads route yet as I haven't found much info on which pad size and thickness would be suitable for the 502VSK