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GL502VS Undervolt Help

Level 7
Hi guys, I'm new in this forum, I just literally made an account to thank you all who responded to the other thread 'discharge while charging' that was so useful, and after reading it I came to the conclussion that I will undervolt it aswell, y'know, for the infamous Discharge problem, alongside with the heating problems, but here is the catch:

I barely understood how to do it lol, I myself used to play with MSI afterburner on an old desktop, but since this GL502VS of mine is new, I don't wanna risk it, so basically what I need help with is:

What programs do I need to use to undervolt both CPU and GPU? Is there any specific 'profile' that 'fixes' the discharge problem without affecting perfomance? (I read there that it actually increases it aswell... is that true?)
What are the step-by-step of the procedures?
Before someone says 'go read that same thread you just mentioned', I would but since apparently a lot of people tried different profiles/test/etc that worked for them, I dont wanna risk my new laptop... and sorry for asking a lot of question out of the blue... but I do have a last request:

What are the Pros and the Cons on doing the undervolt + increasing the perfomance of both the CPU and GPU?

That it's all, and thank you before hand

Level 7
ALL of your questions are answered in the other thread. You sound completely paranoid and sound like someone who should not be doing any kind of undervolting. If I was you I would go back to the first page and read the instructions carefully and just do those. Don't worry about what everyone else has done. And for the record, no not everyone has done lots of different profiles. Pretty much everyone has done the exact same thing...

Undervolt the CPU using Intel XTU. Takes about 3seconds to move the slider to the left and set it between -0.130 --> -0.150 I found that -0.150 caused my games to crash sometimes, so I have mine set at -0.135 and it works great.

As for the GPU, 1720Mhz @ 0.835mV and take a look at the picture of the curve in the thread. Just make your curve look the same as that. CTRL+F brings up the curve when you are in MSI Afterburner. You need to run both these programs in order to undervolt both GPU & CPU.

If you still can't understand what to do, go back and re-read it 3 times and just work through it slowly and stop being paranoid. Don't be changing things that the instructions don't tell you to change and you can't go wrong.

Considering this is a 2K euro laptop ( or was? ) Someone would be worried about doing undervolting ( it doesn;t damage or void warranty) feel free to PM me and I'll explain in details, too sleepy to write step by step atm ( for future try to post in a related topic ) - no reason to make multiple topics of the same problem if there's already a thread about the issue you have.