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GL502VS - Storage Upgrade Suggestions?

Level 7
If there is similar thread I am apologizing.

I am low on space on my machine (GL502VS) due to plenty games.
Is it possible to insert 4TB HDD (2.5" but 15mm thick I believe) into GL502VS HDD slot?
Or if anybody has some other opinion/options on this.
It is also good time to ask if my HDD is mainly used for the games will inserting SSHD instead of HDD make any difference, I was thinking SSHD Firecudda Seagate 2TB. or otherwise HDD Baracuda 4TB.

Many thanks
G75vx, win7 ultimate x64, OS drive - Kingston V300 SSD 120 GB...

Level 7
From my research and I assume it is the same for the VS model you can only put a 9.5mm drive in the HDD bay. I am not sure if you got a model that also has a m.2 SSD for Windows but either way you can add/upgrade that. If you want fast storage for gaming look at the Samsung 960 EVO nVME but they also make Pro however from my research the RAM or processor ends up being a bottleneck so you probably wouldn't notice any speed gains over the EVO.