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GL502VS Shuts down when connected to HDMI (Lid is closed)

Level 7
When I play games through my external monitor, when the lid is open, I see horizontal refractions on my external monitor. So it bothers me too see them while playing. It's been almost a year since I got this notebook and I never closed the cover because it shuts down after playing around 10-15 mins of game. For example PUBG, Battlefield.. Also I think that it can be happening because of the overheating because the upper section of keyboard gets very hot while playing and imagine me closing it while connecting to HDMI, it gets very hot. When I play Battlefield 5 with Ultra settings (no problems at the performance) , I can only play around 10 mins with lid closed and connected to HDMI. One time I checked how hot was CPU and it was saying "95" degrees. Maybe this notebook was not designed to be used with HDMI + running a high system requirement game. I'm okay with playing while the lid is open. It's just the lines bothering me. They keep coming on my external monitor. If there is no solution for overheating (which i think is the case) , isn't there any solution for the refractions while the lid is open ? Thanks for your future helps. I'm sorry if it's been too long, I tried to be clear.

Level 12
Can you please run "dxdiag.exe" and identify your System Model and BIOS name. When completed please post results here.
G752VSK, G75VW-3D, G51J, G1S
Homebuilt Windows Server

It keeps saying invalid file can't upload a photo here... here is the link

You didn't need to post a copy of the dxdiag.exe display, simply list your System Model and BIOS.

So you have a GL502VS (7th Gen Intel Core) or GL502VSK, not a GL502VS. Please label further correspondence as GL502VSK.

First, you should update your BIOS to 308.

Have you reinstalled Windows?

Did you retain a copy of your eSupport Folder and run the ASUS Installation Wizard within that folder?

Have you updated any drivers or software from the ASUS Download Center for the GL502VS instead of the GL502VSK?
G752VSK, G75VW-3D, G51J, G1S
Homebuilt Windows Server

Level 8
So i am guessing that you want the laptop monitor off when gaming on the external.

instead of closing the laptop lid to do this, just turn off the laptop monitor in the display settings.

Im not sure what you mean by horizontal refractions.. weird issue