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GL502VS Power supply voltage loss when plugged in to power port

Level 7
I purchased a GL502VS with an i7-7700HQ and GTX 1070 GPU a couple of months ago. This was a manufacturer refurbished item. The PSU I received with the unit was not an Asus branded item but a Delta Electronics item.

I’ve had it switched on possibly 10-15 times in my ownership but noticed that when I went to switch it on this time and plugged the PSU into the port, The LED on the PSU dimmed and within 30 seconds the laptop switched off. If I remember correctly, My laptop did have around 40% charge when it was shutdown a few days previously (When I was using it on battery).

If I reset the PSU and not plug it in to the laptop, I am seeing a reading of 19.5VDC. When I plug the PSU into the laptop, the LED will them dim and I’m then getting a reading of 0.8VDC until I physically power down the PSU brick and re-apply power. I assume this is a short circuit protection feature.

Now, I’m hoping it’s not the worst scenario of a motherboard issue.

I’m guessing it could be a DC jack or possibly a battery short could cause this too?

Has anyone seen this issue before?