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GL502VS Faulty Realtek Sound? Stopped working a few hours after receiving laptop...

Level 7
Yesterday I received my GL502VS, and at first, there was no issue with the sound.

Then at some point yesterday I noticed that it wasn't producing any sound any more. It's completely silent with nothing plugged into the combo jack, and outputs quiet static noise and you can just barely hear a quiet, badly distorted output of the sound when you plug in a combo headset.

In Windows, it shows no problems, the device is functioning, the drivers are installed, the volume meter bounces up and down like it should, and the Realtek control panel don't show any errors.

Yes I have the correct device set as default playback device, and it isn't muted or turned down really low.

Audio through bluetooth or HDMI work fine.

I've tried reinstalling the drivers, but I'm not sure it's actually done it, because Windows 10 seems to reinstall them automatically on reboot, even after telling it not to.

Today I did a factory reset, and the problem is still there, so it must be a hardware issue surely.

Any advice? If it's necessary how do I get a replacement ASAP? I'm in the UK and it was shipped to me from the USA (...) by HIDEvolution.

Level 7
Hello bugme-not
I suggest contacting your retailer directly and demand for a replacement if it's still in the return/refund period
Thank you