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Gl502VS Bios 301 or 303 ?

Level 7
can anyone tell me - I have the 301 bios in my machine, but i see on asus`s drivers support page that there is a 303 bios available. It only states: better performance in there description, but can anyone tell me what difference there is to the two versions ?

I have had this laptop a few days, and only have minor problems with it, no software problems, so i am affraid to update the bios to 303, and see no difference (i dont know where to look) better performance could mean a lot of things..... but to maybe get other problems with the 303 that i do not have with my currently 301 bios.

Your surgestions is appriciated !

Level 7
I am on a non-K model, and our bios latest revision was 302 with the same description. The best I can gather is that this was to address battery drain issues.

mine gl502vs do not have the battery drain issue, it was delivered with a 230w powersupply, i dont know if thats the only thing handling the drain issue or there is something else on hardware - the specification also stated tht det battery is 62wh instead of the regular 64wh in the 502`models - i dont know if that has influence...

Anyone ?