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GL502VMK should i update BIOS ?

Level 7
Hi everyone, i have question about my GL502VMK after buy i have problems with heat and coil whine, i undervolt CPU to -150mV,disable C1E, disable TurboBoost and drill holes in bottom case.

Now i found more:
Usually my PC work 24/7 but when i need power off (to clean dust inside) i found one problem, it not power off, in windows i just click shutdown, windows going down, LED on power button OFF and immediately ON, i try many times, and always PC starting itself...
So i just unplug battery to stop reboots.
Also i found one more bug, notebook not power on after power off after shutdown without AC plugged, battery is more than 80%, keyboard working, but notebook not react on any buttons, but if plug AC and push power button it start normal, even if unplug AC after ON

So i think it may be BIOS problem, i check update and found i using GL502VMK Version 203 2016/11/23, now available Version 305 2017/08/15

Usually i not touch BIOS update if all work OK because not always update make good changes.
On change-log says "Optimize system performance" so mean "It not your business what we changed", in console world it mean "We lock more staff to stop piracy" so i not trust change-logs.
Also BIOS update may remove some settings from BIOS.

I want hear any suggestions if update BIOS to 305 worth it?

Level 7
There's nothing wrong with 305. Go ahead and update 😉

Level 7
UPD: i update bios, and nothing changes, auto ON problem stay (i think it may be Win10 "fast startup" problem) heat and voltages are same.