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gl502vmk keyboard stop working after Windows 10 update, version 1803 - solved?

Level 9
Hi guys,
i have an asus gl502vmk, so after i updated the windows, on April 30th my keyboard stop working...
how i fix this? already uninstalled the keyboard drivers and unchecked the quick start from windows, not of those solved my problem...
hope i get this fixed.

Level 7
Didn't work for me ;\

Level 7
Wow this was finally stickied.

Up to this day I can not get it fixed.

I got this laptop in January and then after april the keyboard has not been working ever since.. wow.

I tried EVERYTHING. The only thing that I haven't done yet is replaced the keyboard.

Level 7
Hi. I'm contemplating on buying a new keyboard, mine stopped working last april.

One thing I noticed tho, the lighting by the speaker and the ROG eye sign backlight is linked to the keyboard? Because I have no backlight but I assume those would be separate?

Just want to know this before I attempt to put in a new keyboard.

Level 7
Now if we could find a way to permanently delete this asus driver! Each and every update have to change the driver, its getting old. Has to be a way to remove the asus driver once and for all!

Level 7
Hi, the solution here is working for my gl 502 vmk

I reinstalled drivers, removed the ai charger. Finally working again ! TBH, we shouldnt have these issues. Asus need to take care of this . Much time lost and work wth missing selective keys not working due to software.