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GL502VMK Battery drain when shut down

Level 7
I seem to be having a battery drain issue with the 502VMK. After shutting down and leaving the laptop unplugged, the battery will drain about 1% per day. After a few weeks of sitting I power it on and its around 75%. I've seen the over the course of months, where its losing about 1% per day, even while plugged in, it will drop to 95% than charge back to 100% in about a weeks time unless unplugged of course.

I am curious if anyone else has seen a similar issue with this laptop. I have disabled fast start up and made sure the laptop is completely shut down when turning off as this is what I would expect if it was going into sleep mode. I have even gone so far as to unplug any USB to see if that was draining it, and it didn't change the discharge rate.

Is this a normal battery drain for a laptop? This is my first one but I have other lithium ion devices and they don't drain quite this fast when powered off completely.