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GL502VM Touchpad failed and plastic housing slowly drooping

Level 7
Hello, I have this laptop model since march of this year (barely 6 months) and usually use USB mouse for gaming. I have been gaming on it since I bough it, keeping the temperature under 75c with turbo boost off and Intel XTU undervolted, so far so good. I WAS happy with it.

However just 2 days ago I decided to take it out and use it outside. I noticed 2 things since the last time I used it outside it's cooling pad:

- The touchpad is dead.. Since I'm a system administrator for a living I went with all the driver swap/installs and even full windows/linux installs to see if it was a software issue only to find out that the touchpad is not even working inside the UEFI bios.. (I even downgraded bios with no luck) it's DEAD out of nowhere, just staying on my cooling pad for 5 months it JUST DIED.

- The entire plastic shell slightly drooped. It's not noticable if you look at it directly but if you look at the laptop from profile view you can tell that where it get's the hottest (top right corner) is slightly more elevated than the places it's cold (near bottom left, where the wasd area) It has been a hot summer but cmon.. keeping the entire laptop under 75c and getting plastic morph due to heat IS RIDICULOUS for a "gaming" laptop that people even happily run at 85-90c.. Again it's hard to tell, many peole might never even noticed it, but I sure did because I'm a perfectionist that likes to keep things like new and this type of issue over time could result in physical damage of motherboard due to bending.

I'm starting to regret this purchase even if it performed well so far.. I mean only 6 months and already there are visible signs of decay for a laptop that costs 1200€? JESUS CHRIST Asus.. It stays 95% on it's cooling pad without even moving much. The last asus laptop I bought in 2007 for half the price is still working perfectly fine with some extreme abuse and endless wow sessions, yet your new top of the line "gaming" laptops already morph from normal use? Using plastic is one thing.. but using flimsy and weak plastic on "premium" gaming machines is just cheap, and on top of that a dead barely used touchpad? just WOW. Step up your quality control asus, reinforce the shell, and to think I once though ASUS means quality..

I contacted asus support and hope to get a reply soon. I'm pretty sure they will at least replace the touchpad, but plastic drooping from heat is clearly a design flaw that I'm afraid for in the near future.

If anyone has a GL laptop with plastic shell please check if yours has a similar issue, it's hard to tell but if you look at the keyboard yo might notice some keys being slightly lower than others or the plastic casing being slightly arched. Usually after an hour of gaming I hear slight plastic cracks that you hear when plastic cools down which is not something you should hear with 75c temperatures with turbo boost disabled..