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GL502VM-DS74 low clock speed?

Level 7
Hello. So I got a question regarding these sort of laptops, I got the GL502VM-DS74 and it seems to run at quite low clock speed compared to what it says it should be able to do. At stock it usually runs around 1500-1600MHz but according to the boost it should be able to reach over 1670MHz? When I OC my GPU (+182MHz core) it usually runs at around 1600-1700MHz, sometimes higher in the 1700's, but according to its boost it should be able to reach over 1850MHz? Is this normal? Desktop GTX 1060's seem to boost up to almost 1900MHz just fine.

My temps are quite alright, GPU is usually below 80c or so under gaming load, sometimes in the low 80's. CPU can get quite hot though, it is usually in the 80's under gaming load, but I don't think there is any throttling happening.