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GL502VM - Bluetooth Disconnecting Issues!!

Level 9
I'm stumped on this one and hope someone has seen these issues and know a fix!!!

The Intel AC-8260 Wifi/Bluetooth card on this laptop seems to have problems. I purchased a Bluetooth mouse & Xbox Controller. Both pair up to the laptop without issue. Now every 10-30 minutes all the Bluetooth devices will just disconnect. You can actually see them disconnect in the Device Manager as can see 4 Human Interfaces Devices just disappear. They reconnect again after 15-20 seconds. But this makes it pretty much impossible to play games with the mouse or gamepad disconnecting randomly. I have noticed it seems to happen more often while gaming, so maybe this is heat related??? I know it tends to happen more when my CPU & GPU are above 70C.

I've updated drivers for both the WiFi & Bluetooth..
AC 8260: v19.20.3.4
Bluetooth: v19.11.1639.649

I've tried disabling all the Power Saving features for all the Wifi & Bluetooth devices so Windows can't put them to sleep. I've also tried downgrading the drivers to an older version but the problem still exists. Lastly I reinstalled Windows 10 last week that did not fix the issue either.

Searching online this issue seems specific to the Wireless-AC 8260 card... I've seen lots of people reporting similar problem on various laptop brands. Has anyone installed the AC 8265 card on this laptop? Wondering if the newer wireless card has the same issue or not.

Level 7
Hello Shadowdane
If you are not sure what to do, I recommend sending your unit for RMA
Thank you