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GL502V - can it boot from an SD card?

Level 7
Can it boot from an SD card?

I've gone into BIOS and disabled secure boot and enabled CSM, and then I've held ESC when booting which has shown a prompt of boot options. However, my SD card does not show up. I have a USB 3.0 stick which I have used in the past to install other operating systems, and they have shown up without any problems in the boot options menu. The SD card reader works because Windows recognizes it (as a removable disk, at that - I checked this in diskmgmt.msc) as a mass storage device (as it does with my USB 3.0, which can boot .isos) and I can write files to the SD card. So the card reader works.

I have also gone into BIOS and checked if the SD card is treated as a fixed disk (so that I can change the boot order from SSD first to SD card first) but the card does not show up in BIOS at all, not even recognized. What can I do about this?

I did recently fully wipe my Windows and replace it with another operating system but then I decided to go back to Windows and a lot of drivers and ASUS software was gone and I am fearing I might not have installed all necessary software (I just made a thread about this in another section of the forums, please refer to that thread if you can assist! Appreciated!) which is preventing my system from recognizing the SD card as a bootable option. I did download the "SD Card Reader" driver from ASUS's website but perhaps I downloaded the wrong driver or that is simply relevant to when Windows has already booted (which makes sense because it is a driver which is meant to function within Windows, and when I am in BIOS/boot options menu I have not yet booted into Windows).

Is there a way to boot from an SD card? Thanks in advance.

Level 7
Maybe a USB SD card adapter could work.

I never saw SD card as a boot device in the BIOS (In my experience)