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GL502 Series - Problems and Solutions

Level 8
Hi guys, I write this thread to summarize the problems that users encounter in using one of the many models that Asus offers with the identified GL502 series (also GL553). Reading most of the threads in this forum and trying to google all complain about the following problems:
- Overheating,
- The fans do not reach the maximum speed (unless they are set via the software that releases asus or other software to change the parameters of the fans),
- CPU usage in high idle (so for this in idle temperatures are a bit high).
Before starting to work out the various solutions I wanted to tell you that:
Gaming laptops have always suffered these problems, especially now with the pascal series that has released nvidia that has given the ability to insert in the laptops video cards equivalent to those desktop. In my opinion the problem would not be very related to the temperatures that CPU and GPU generate, but to all the components that have to "feed" these components. A gtx 960m requires about 60watt instead the gtx 1060 requires about 120 watts (twice). The heat in idle is to be felt especially on the series that do not use the internal GPU Intel CPU, but why!?!?!? Because the components must always feed the GPU and even if idle is not required much power it is made to release the maximum performance as soon as they are required. That's why when the charger is not connected to the PC idle has low temperatures ... And well because when the laptop is powered by batteries manufacturers have thought not to release all the power and then to enter limits in order to safeguard the battery (otherwise after 1 month of use of battery only, the batteries would be KO).
Let's move on to the "solutions" (I do not write to you how to do it because there are many posts describing the procedure):
- Cover the gaps between the fan and the heat sink
- What does it involve? A reduction in fan noise. The arrival time increases to a max T generated by CPU and GPU.
- Change the thermal paste
- What does it mean? Most of the time nothing if the pc is new.
- Make holes in the case to let the fans get more air
- What does it mean? A decrease in the temperatures of the ratio between CPU and GPU of about 3 or 4 degrees.
- Do the CPU and GPU undervolt.
- What does it mean? Making the undervolt is the equivalent procedure to releasing less watts to the components as a consequence it falls on the performance. Why when you do the undervolt the temperature drops a lot?!?!?! Because the components that power the CPU have less effort and consequently they heat up less.
I tested all these solutions and wrote you my experience.
In addition, I am a little more crazy I also tried to insert a fan that is on the GL702VT (as a third fan) on my GL502VMK. The temperatures dropped about 4/5 degrees on the GPU as it was the only place I could fit it.
Soon the Vamper Chambers should arrive (mashed heatpipe) as soon as I get there I will make the change by adding them to the STOCK heatsink to increase the dissipation capacity. (ATTENTION this thing I can do it because I changed the bottom cover using one of an old GL502VS that made the PC thicker but ensuring I have more room for this change).

I hope this thread will help you.