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GL502 no sonic studio after curator update

Level 7
GL502 after curator update no sonic studio. I had to do a clean install because the ssd drive was not seen by the windows setup so got in touch with the seller of my notebook the did the update by making a bootable usb stick with the windows curator install loaded a driver for the ssd drive and installed the audio driver is surpassed to have the sonic studio in it, it is not getting installed in this version of Windows. I phoned ASUS they sent me a link for the driver I had already tried. So I phoned again and escalated the problem. Looks like this is affecting a lot of people. With other computers that use the realtek driver. Come on ASUS get a update driver out to fix this problem.

Level 8
Sonic studio doesn't come with the Realtek driver, this seems to be some bad info spreading around the net (and by asus)

The original windows install your laptop came with had a folder directly on the C: root called "eSupport", in there was another called "eDriver"

In the eDriver folder is an application called AsInsWiz.exe, its equivalent to those driver CD's that used to come with laptops and/or motherboards.

Running that app will do an auto-install of all the drivers that came pre-installed as well as the applications including SonicStudio.

I compressed that folder that came with my GL702VS and hosted it on my dropbox account. would you like a link?