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Gl 703GE keyboard backlight doesn`t turn off at idle

Level 7
Hey guys, when my laptop is plugged in, the rgb keyboard backlight never turns off when idling, unlike when it`s on batery (it turns off after a few minutes, just the keyboard lighting, the screen turns off after a few more minutes).
Haven`t found a setting for this in Rog Aura core or in power magangement in control panel. It would be nice for this option to exist, for example when watching a movie the keyboard light to turn off after a minute or two when plugged in.
On older laptops with atk package I think this is not the case, but it is not available on the gl703ge drivers page.
Is normal what I am experiencing? Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks 😄

Level 9
They don't turn off while plugged in, others have made the same comment about watching movies. fn + up/dwn arrow to manually adjust.

What a shame. Thank you for clarifying the matter 😄