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GFE Shadow Play (Instant Replay) and G-SYNC

Level 8
i’ve searched a lot and posted in other nvidia related forums but can’t seem to find a discussion about this.

I can’t get these 2 working at the same time. I’m wondering if this normal or there is a work around?

All my testing has been done with PUGB. Basically if i start the game with the GFE overlay on i see that G-SYNC is working. As soon as i ALT-Z and enable instant-replay G-SYNC gets turned off.

anyone else experiencing this?**

Level 8
So i can add something now that i’ve gotten a new external G-SYNC monitor.*

Using an Acer XB271HU (absolutely incredible screen btw) as my primary G-SYNC monitor I now have both Instant Replay and GSYNC working together.

Seems like the built in laptop screen has some limitations concerning G-SYNC.

Also, I used to see graphical glitches in games when using G-SYNC (rainbow like effects when looking in the sky and other textures) on the internal monitor that no longer appear with the external Acer.*