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Gaming on Power Delivery 65W

Level 7

I have an ROG Strix G18 (RTX 4090) and I got a charger that supports 65W and a cable that supports up to 100W to try and game on the go on airplanes (travel a lot) apparently the power plug on planes won’t support more than that in most airlines. Trying to test it at home and it basically charges very slowly which I understand and isn’t meant to charge while gaming or doing intensive tasks.

Is there a way where I can set it up to atleast not drain the battery while gaming at all? I tried to set the profile to silent through Armoury crate and set the game to lowest settings but it basically acts as if it’s not plugged in at all. Is it possible to make a Manual profile or do I need to do it through BIOS…anyone with experience can shed some light?


Level 10

Determine whether a background program or a software conflict is causing the issue.

Press Windows key+R to open Run then type: msconfig
Press Enter
Select System Configuration > go to the Services tab.
Select and make sure to put a check mark on "Hide all Microsoft services"
Click Disable all.
Go to Startup tab > Open Task Manager > Disable all the unnecessary services running there. Restart your computer.

Make sure your battery config is set to "Maximum Lifespan Mode" in MyAsus.
This will stop charging your laptop battery when the power goes above 60% and resumes charging your laptop battery when the power goes below 58%.

Give that a try..