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G834JZ.321 STRIX SCAR system update

Level 8

Hello, I am planning to expand the memory and M2 disks of my asus scar strix g18 G834JZ rtx 4080 on the black freday, I was planning to put 64gb of RAM 5600 Mhz and a 2Tb M2 for OS and another 4TB M2 for the second unit.

Can you recommend which memory module would go well with the new Bios 321, perhaps the 5600MHz problems are already resolved.

I may have a problem with a 4Tb M2, thank you very much and greetings


Level 10

Hi there, I was lead to believe that 64gb wont run at 5600. I got a 32gb 5600 kit of Kingston Fury Impact, to replace the 4800 32gb kit that came installed. Very good ram. You can always try it and return to Amazon if the 64gb kit wont run at 5600.

timing matters too, also depends on what your doing running a 64gb kit at 5200mhz isn't a deal breaker compared to 5600 32kit , timming is a biggest deal breaker just keep in mind. Right now 64 5600 cl 40 kits are less than $200 best time to get it if your also using the pc for other task other than gaming