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G814JI hotkeys do not work, fan is not consistent

Level 7

When I got this laptop less than 2 weeks ago the programmable hotkeys worked, now they do not.   Everything through armoury crate is updated.  I'm not sure what else to try.

The CPU/GPU fans don't turn on consistently.  I can be watching videos on youtube or listening to spotify, nothing I would expect to be intense on the cpu/gpu, and the cpu temp can go to 90-95C with the GPU temp going to 80+C.  I would expect the fans to turn on, but it doesn't happen.  Even when I start playing a game, the fans don't always turn on.  If I test the fans through myAsus, everything works fine.  Basically, the fans work, but they don't always turn on when they should.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.



Level 7

This is an example of what I getarmoury crate.jpg