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G75VW BBK5 Performance Drop

Level 7
Hey guys, I'm hoping I can explain this to the best of my ability and hopefully someone can help me out. I'm running a stock BBK5 with a secondary Intel SSD (3610qm 2.3ghz, 660m, both CPU and GPU are overclocked to reasonable levels. CPU being bumped up 104mhz, and the GPU 135 core and 350 memory. I've done stress tests and nothing abnormal temperature wise (CPU 78 degrees max, GPU 65 degrees Max), my 3dMark11 scores are around 3149. I also updated all drivers and have bitdfender as my virus protection.

My problem is my computer while gaming has begun stuttering in spots, and games that used to run at 1080p are struggling to get by. According to Intel XTU, my cpu isn't throttling what so ever and this problem didn't start happening till about a week ago. I did a system retore, defrag, cleared caches, rolled back nvidia drivers but nothing seems to fix my problem. Take Aliens Colonial Marines, should easily be running on this set up but at certain points especially areas with lots of lighting I'm stuttering like no other, yet temperatures arn't rising and my resources are also free for the most part. Also I am running plugged in and in high performance mode. I rather not have to RMA this laptop, i feel like some new problem will arise from that, but I'm lost into what is causing the sudden decrease in my gaming capabilities

Level 12
Hello ArmyMP,

Does the HDD LED Activity light pulse solid on the front when these stutters occur? It could be your HDD acting up.

Also, what are your in-game settings set to? Do you have it at "Max" settings with VSync on for instance? How bout the NVIDIA Control Panel settings, did you change anything to do wth pre-rendered frames?


If you can try to remember what you installed or changed that week ago on your system, it might give a clue to the problem.

Level 7
"both CPU and GPU are overclocked to reasonable levels. CPU being bumped up 104mhz,"

Your problem. OCing a CPU? Especially on a asus ROG laptop? THe CPU is already design to max performance. Shouldn't be Ocing.

Level 7
I have done a lot of research before I started OCing the CPU, a lot of people I know as well as seen on other forums were bumping it up over 105mhz with no artifacting, no overheating. My laptop won't even let me hit levels around there without using the safety feature which saves the computer from even performing at unstable levels. My hard drive seems to be acting fine, no solid light during the stutter, I wil mention I did do a error check and bad sector check on that primary hard drive a week prior. Also the stuttering seems to be in areas filled with stuff like AI and lighting, but was not having this issue before in any of those games in those same scenes until just recently.

I installed Intel XTU just a few minutes ago to put mine to 104 (again) to do some tests, and I noticed I got massive stuttering in games like BF3 or GTAIV (about 2 minutes in) where they weren't doing it before at all. I thought that was weird so I went back to default profile 100 and removed Intel XTU, the stuttering disappeared.

It may be related.

Level 7
I did drop it down to defaults but I'll uninstall XTU and see if that helps out! Thanks so far for the advice guys!

Level 7
So deleted XTU and I actually just updated to the new 314 driver too, no prevail.

So I just emailed customer support about sending the g75 in. What is weird is that this sudden framerate loss is taking place in areas where heavy particles and lighting are used ....but it was never there before. I clean my machine regularly, defragged, disk clean up, deleted all the bloatware crap, rolled back drivers and dida reinstall of windows a while back. Did a full scan of my system for viruses, checked temperatures during gaming and at idle, I unparked and parked my CPU to see if it dealt with the turbo boost. Some games are not getting hit as hard, with only minor stuttering. But games like Battlefield 3 which I was running at high settings at 1080p (lowest frames hit 25-30) even at high fps (40-50) the game stutters while moving around (reinstalled game, rolled back updates). Anyone here having any similar issues, or am I just going insane.


Try setting Vertical sync to "Adaptive" in the NVIDIA Control Panel "Managed 3D settings" menu and also change the setting in power management mode from "Adaptive" to "Prefer maximum performance."

Run a game and report your results.

You could even try restoring your current power profile (high performance) back to defaults.

Run a game and report your results.

If those settings didn't fix your stuttering problem, please do the following test for GPU load spikes. I would suggest running an offline game for this test so as to not confuse high latency issues with load spiking.

Run GPU-Z ( and go to "Sensors" tab and check the box "Log to file" and save it to your desktop. Now run a game where stuttering is more frequent and play for a few minutes until you feel you gathered enough spikes. Next, ALT + F4 out of your game and close GPU-Z. Now open the log file with "Notepad" and locate on the top "GPU Load [%]." In that column scan through the numbers, you are looking for fluctuations (with consistency) of high (being 99) to low (below 90's) numbers.

In most current games the GPU load is usually steady around 98% or 99% but can drop to mid 90's depending on areas in game. You should have similar findings.

Report what you see in your log and if those settings above changed anything for you.

I do have the first two set up already under my control panel plus a few other things configured like the prerendered frames, threaded optimization. I'll try the last suggestion since I haven't attempted to do that. Thank you so much for the advice so far! I'll report back what I find as soon as I get home. Also I got Crysis 3.....hopefully I can get that game to run at medium 1080p