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G74SX Rubberized top problems

Level 7

Does anyone with a G74Sx has problems with the top rubbercoating. With me it's just coming off.
I am even to scared to put him in to the backpack that you get with it, cause I think it will only make things wurse.

So let me now if you have the same problems,

Picture of what I mean:

Level 12
My rubber coating is fine, but that same thing happened to my G9 mouse which is rubber coated.


I did RMA'd it, and Asus just said they couldn't do anything, and that they tested it and it was fine, of course it was fine there was nothing wrong with the hardware, idiots (I thought) and they also said that it was out of warranty. Don't think they can calculate, cause I bought it around a year ago and it has 2 years waranty so....

Level 12
Shout at them more.

"It's fine" and "it's out of warranty" are standard ASUS support responses. You have to make them do work or they will just push you around.

What do you recommend I should do, cause now they say I contacted them to late, not within 48 hours, when obviously 20/8/2012 to 21/8/2012 is not 48 hours, so....

Level 8
the coating seems to be a hit or miss..... i have 2 places (few mm in size) on my laptop that has missing rubberized coating missing. It seems edges don't agree with the coating on the screen..... these are spots that would never see anything rubbing on it ...... the palm rest area must be a lot thicker since its seen a ton of wear and still perfect...... I would be surprised if ASUS covered it, its more cosmetic and doesn't affect performance......... PM mason, see what he says..GL
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ASUS G74SX-XC1 / INTEL 7260 AC / Samsung 850 PRO / TUNIQ TX-4 / BIOS 203 / 335.23

Literally thought it was my own g74 pictured.

I have the exact same problem.

My solution? Get some vinyl and wrap the computer 🙂

Level 12
Why wouldn't they cover it? The warranty states the product should be free of defects and manufacturing faults, this is clearly a problem of some kind.

Don't let ASUS push you around, if your laptop is peeling before the warranty is even up, that is really bad...

They sent me a mail now, saying to send more pictures of it, so we'll do and I'll post the outcome here.

Btw: I thought of the vinyl too but when it's still in waranty, i'm not going to that then.

Level 18
The good news is : What ? It runs perfectly ? Cool.
Come on now. It is laminate. Normal wear from 'in and out' of a backpack is going to, no matter how
carful you are, wear the edges. Once an edge is loose .. it is only time til the peel starts ..
This is not a defect, it is an effect, of use.

There are many skins on the market, including black rubber .. some with the logo.
Id re-cover it.. just 'my' opinion. Not argu'n.

Edit to above: Hey if they repair it under warranty - Bonus. and just Cudos to Asus, 'if they do'.
Cant have you out there lov'n your G look'n like that .. they will think if they buy a
G, this will happen to them too .. wise re-investment by Asus.

Edit to below: Really ? Never ? and its delaminated like that ? Asus?
Best of Luck on this friend.c.