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G74SX Performance Issues

Level 7
Hello all.

This is my first post, but I have been following the forums ever since I got my G74SX about a year ago.

I think I might be experiencing perfomance issues. Whenever I read about people gaming on the G74, they can play Crysis 1 on max settings with 40-50 fps constant, where I am forced to play medium with some settings on high. Even with those settings I get about 30-35 fps with drops to 20.

Furthermore I tried Far Cry 3 where I will get anything from 35-15 (more 15 than 35 to be honest) and it is unplayable. I format relatively often, so I make sure my drivers are up to date, manually and with driver-downloading software.

I have been reading like a madman for the past week, and I decided to finally post.

Thank you for reading!

- Rasmus.

Level 9
You just need TS to disable DB Prochot - CPU throttling (when your sandy-bridge CPU reaches I think its 65 +-°C it automatically start lowering frequency and cooling down - thats nonsense because our CPU is OK till 110 °C).

Good luck my friend. Hope it helps.