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G74SX Performance Issues

Level 7
Hello all.

This is my first post, but I have been following the forums ever since I got my G74SX about a year ago.

I think I might be experiencing perfomance issues. Whenever I read about people gaming on the G74, they can play Crysis 1 on max settings with 40-50 fps constant, where I am forced to play medium with some settings on high. Even with those settings I get about 30-35 fps with drops to 20.

Furthermore I tried Far Cry 3 where I will get anything from 35-15 (more 15 than 35 to be honest) and it is unplayable. I format relatively often, so I make sure my drivers are up to date, manually and with driver-downloading software.

I have been reading like a madman for the past week, and I decided to finally post.

Thank you for reading!

- Rasmus.

Level 7
Have the fps always been that low?? sounds like there may be some bad drivers or maybe bios? what are your temps when you run those games and when it's idle?

Also dont forget to install ThrottleStop 4.10. I can remember that first month I was more searching and tweaking than playing before I realized that most of these videos with superhigh FPS and stuff is just fake. Find stable GPU drivers for your laptop version and OC GPU. Install TS. Lower in-gme resolutions, try lower some settings and tweak and you can run any game 🙂

If you want to play games on ultra/high settings with 40+ FPS you should look for the PC or for these expensive Alienware laptops.

Level 9
About Crysis 1: Your FPS is OK. I have about 35-18FPS with shaders set to "Medium". Lowest 18 FPS is when in stealth and looking through the scope (dunno why it drops so much). Anyway 40+FPS in C1 is nonsense (Dunno about Warhead). Just look on some benchmarks of G74SX. You can clearly see that avg. FPS in C1 is 16 (at highest settings and FHD res). Dont trust these vids from YT. I have found that many of them is pure fake.

About Far Cry 3: Turn Post FX to "Medium" (caves will look like sh*t) but your FPS will dramatically raise up. Play on 1600*900 res. On some "foresty" places you will have FPS drop down to 20+- but mostly your game will run at 35+- FPS.

Mostly Im playing games with 1600*900 resolution with forced "no scalling" (sharp picture in the middle with black bars around) in nvidia control panel.
Hope it helps 🙂

Level 7
Thank you for the awesome replies!! (:

I am happy to hear that Crysis works the way it should, it is definatly play- and enjoyable! I just always strive for the perfect!

Now... Far Cry 3.. I run everything on low with PostFxQuality="false". In 1920x1080 I get around 20-30 fps until the camera pans or the scene changes etc.

Using a lower resolution it is a bit more smooth, but as soon as the camera pans I drop like 30 fps. Is this normal?

I think I tried TS, is the 4.10 version better for some reason?

Maybe I should consider window-mode or something.

Thanks! 🙂

Level 7
Okay. I think I have narrowed the issue down furthermore. What seems to be an issue (according to MSI Afterburner) is my GPU Usage. It operates at 99% and then drops to 30% only to climb back to 99% and repeat the cycle. Anybody know what I should do?

Level 7
Hey, update on issue.

I think I might have narrowed the issue down a bit. It seems like my GPU usage is below what it should be. My GPU operates only sometimes on 99 % and then it falls to 30% only to climb up to 40-60% and stay in that area. That means my FPS is jumping everywhere from 60fps to 20. What is wrong with it??


Level 7
have you checked the temps of it during gameplay and after the fps drop? may be an overheating issue.. my g72gx used to do that but i settled it out by modding the bottom anel for better airflow and reseated the cpu, haven't even touched the gpu yet, just by letting some of the hot air escape better allows me to play skyrim on ultra with 2x aa and antiscopic filter on 2x and shadows on high radial blur high. and gpu goes to 70c max and cpu goes to 50c max.

has it always acted like that? i would assume your lappy should perform better than that.. 😕

Level 9
4.10 is better because you dont have to disable DB prochot every time you start laptop. Have you tried different video drivers or disabling V-sync?
Make sure that you are running your laptop with "High Performance" also in nvidia control panel change from "Adaptive" to "Max. perf." and disable 3D Vision if you have enabled. If you purchased it from Steam try verifying game cache. Or try to google your problem. But its definitely weird. I dont have such a troubles with FC3.

What should the settings of throttlestop be? I may have done something right, I was messing about with throttlestop and I tried Far Cry 3 and Deus Ex, which both had bad FPS drops, and now it seems relatively stable. I haven't teseted it for more than five mins, but FC3 seemed to be steady at min 35!! ) ) !!

Will post any updates regarding this issue ).