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G733ZW Laptop's keybord lights active in sleep mode.

Level 10
Every halg a minute or something the keybord makes some short light pattern. Lightning is OFF for sleep mode in Armory Crate's settings. It also looks like the coputer is not entering a normal sleep mode. Any hint or advice would be grate.

Level 7
I have the same laptop and I have noticed the same anomaly with the lights and no idea why they turn on for a few seconds and then off again. Mine never really goes to "sleep" in the way my other laptops do. All my other laptops shut down nearly completely and I can put them in my backpack to go back and forth to work and they will be cool to the touch with no obvious signs of anything running until I hit the power button or a key on the KB. BUT, my G773ZW is not warm but HOT to the touch by the time I get to work so the only solution I have found is to shut it down completely when not using it which is a bit of a pain, even though it boots fast.

Level 7
I misspoke in the video. Armory crate is the app you need and that the ROG button is supposed to open. Aura is for controlling the light patterns while the laptop is running. That's all. This is here bc I feel bad for the countless forum posts with no answers. Don't follow me, I never post anything.

Level 10

I too am having the same problems others mentioned so I have changed the sleep mode to 'hibernate', where the issue doesn't occur.