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G733QM high fps in non-demand games problems

Level 7
Hello there!

Recently I find out a really strange behavior of my G733QM (R7 5800h + RTX 3060 130W) laptop, which normally appears in non-demanding game.
First of all I got that problem with LoL, but I thoughtthe reason may be not well optimized net-code or something like that, but sometimes my FPS during match can drop from 120 - 130 (which also not a pretty good result) to 80 FPS and keep it till the end of match, while the gpu and cpu are not completely loaded nd the temps are under 75C. I used 1080p resolution + high (not ultra) preset.
I am also have a desktop machine with i7 6700K and GTX 970 and I get even better perfomance in LoL on that PC, but at least I can see, that my GPU 100% loaded. Of course, in GPU demanded games, like RDR2 or CP2077, I have no question to the laptop, it works pretty fine, twice or even more faster than my desktop.
The stangest situation happend when we tried to play Anno 1404 with my friend using my laptop and desktop PC. It is pretty old game and while on desktop I got 150+ FPS with GPU bottleneck (100% loading and reaches its 200W power limit), on my laptop I got less than 100 FPS with only half GPU load and 70W power draw. After that I checked few laptop tests on youtube and find out that in LoL I should also get much more FPS, even at the end of the multiplayer match.
Also I tried one more experiment in LoL, I used to play same TFT match from my laptop and desktop, and again I got more FPS on my desktop with GPU bottleneck.
So, to be clear, what I tried:
1. I checked CPU and GPU power draw with HWInfo- normally it 30W for CPU and 70W for GPU when playing Anno1404. For LoL GPU power draw can be in range of 30 - 70W. GPU load for both games under 50%. For high-demanding games GPU power draw can reach 130W as it should with CPU power draw 30-40W. In peak I saw even 70W CPU power draw when loading maps in SW:Battlefront 2 (2017)
2. To be sure that my laptop use dGPU, I set it manually via NVCPl.
3. I tried to connect external monitor, knowing some king of issues with new STRIX laptop with iGPU - it didn't help.
4. I tried to update all drivers and ASUS software, tried to make a factory reset - it didn't help
5. Tried all avaible perfomance modes - "perfomance", "turbo", "manual" (in manual mode I also adjusted fans curve to reach 100% RPM at 75C)
6. Temperatures are fine, at least for CPU and GPU - it always lower than 80C. CPU clocks always keeped in range 3.5 - 4 GHz for all cores.
7. Using different benchmarks (3dmark timespy, unigine superposition, AIDA64 GPGPU and cache and memory tests) I am always got better results on my laptop.
8. In Radeon software I tried to set different modes for GPU, like "cybersport" or "gaming", but it didn't have an effect.

My laptop params:
OS - Win 10 22H1 with acutal updates.
For perfomacing monitoring I used MSI Afterburner + HWInfo.
Display works in 300 Hz mode, tried both vsync enable and disbale - same results.

My desktop:
OS - Win7 with latest available drivers
16 Gb one channel DDR4-2666
Same software for monitoring and benchmarks

Does someone faced same kind of problems with that laptop?

Level 7

6800h rtx 3060 strix g15 2022 I have the same problems. Did you find a solution?I have your model.