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G733QM Armoury Crate Application missing CPU/GPU Adv. Settings in Manual Mode

Level 7
Hello together,

I have reinstalled my Asus ROG Scar 17 2021 G733QM Model with a fresh Windows Copy,
before doing so with preinstalled Asus Windows Installation I had the Options in manual Mode available in Armoury Crate to Set CPU TDP and GPU Clock as shown in this Screenshot which i found in google search to demonstrate what i mean:

Now after the fresh install and installalling all Asus drivers and Tools and Services I am always missing the CPU and GPU TDP and Clock Options in Manual Mode ???

Can someone please help me with this conundrum as I have no clue anymore what to check or which Installation or Components I a missing that I cannot set my CPU TDP and increase my GPU Clock in Manual mode as before reinstalling Windows.

Your help would be highly appreciated.

Merci & Cheers


Level 7
Reddit is the best and fastest Community on the Planet, I post the Link to the Solution for my issue here so others can find it: