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Level 8


to eliminate any sizzling or boiling sounds proceed as follows.

1.Open CMD and run as administrator this command.

bmhq_0-1685479953278.png and install throttlestop 9.5 and configure it like this.




Here’s how to do it in Registry Editor.

  1. Open Run dialog box by pressing Start + R.
  2. Type regedit into the text box and hit Enter.
  3. Click Yes in the User Account Control window.
  4. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SYSTEM, CurrentControlSet, and Control in order.
  5. Right click on the Power folder.
  6. Choose New from the context menu and select Key from submenu.
  7. Name the new key as PowerThrottling and hit Enter.
  8. Right click on PowerThrottling.
  9. Choose New from the context menu and select DWORD (32-bit) Value from submenu.
  10. Name it as PowerThrottlingOff and hit Enter.
  11. Double click on PowerThrottlingOff to edit.
  12. Change the Value data from 0 to 1 and click OK.

restart the laptop and start throttle stop.

When it is restarted,put it to sleep,and then within 5 seconds ,awake it again.

the sizzling boiling noise should be gone.





Please give me some info.

1.what is the % on power cpu management? please put it to 100%.

2.On Crate: Are you using ultimate state for the GPU? did you turn your fans to silent?

3.have you disabled C1e state ,in every element on throttle stop?

4.did you install the latest chipset drivers from intel.? you put your laptop to sleep or you shut it down?

6.Do you hear sizzling sounds ,when you browsing with your mouse?

  1. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that one? What % of power management? Do you mean the "Maximum processor state" in the Windows power plan options? If so, I leave that to 100% because anything less will turn off the turbo mode.
  2. Have tried every mode; Standard, Ultimate, Eco (where dGPU is disabled), Optimized, also setting option in BIOS to dGPU only, and all three options when on Standard in NVIDIA panel - no difference. I do get GPU coil whine from the dGPU when gaming but that is an entirely different sound and I do not think the two are related.
  3. To my knowledge, there is only one spot in ThrottleSpot to disable C1E (main screen); you can additionally confirm that it has been in fact disabled through HWInfo; it makes a bit of a difference, but not a tremendous one which is no surprise as its voltage variations are less than the deeper states and it seems that the processor's algorithm prefers to jump to deeper states when it can.
  4. Pretty sure they are the latest; I had the noise when first getting the laptop and then proceeded to progressively update things (Windows, drivers), to see if any one thing made it better, including BIOS updates - but no improvement.
  5. Yes, I shut down my laptop regularly and put it to sleep regularly.
  6. The sound is constant, not necessarily worse when moving the mouse on just any app unless it's doing something specific (like Blender) - it's mostly related to the spikes in frequency changes across the cores - so if I'm opening let's say a Firefox window and start opening tabs, it will become obvious. But because the frequency across the cores seem to vary with basically any little amount of load, it's constant even when the system is pretty much idle. Scritch, scratchhh, scritcccchhh, scratch - ARGGGGGHH.

install realtek audio driver 6.0.9481.1 and let me know.

Level 8

Version 6.0.9499.1 is currently installed - I really think this is a hardware issue though and that the only way to truly fix it would be to physically secure or dampen the coils.

Dear Trishia , I have a G733 CX and a G703GI.When I bought them,, they had the same problem.sizzling noise.I fixed them both.I deny to believe that yours,is a problem that cannot be fixed by software.If I could only check your laptop.

Bro, I have a G733CX. It has the same problem as Trisha describes. Besides, I must say that I'm an engineer with 12 years of experience. First of all, to clarify things a bit more, I must say when this model CPU is consuming 100% of its resources, while Turbo mode is off, while gaming with latest games like “Starfield”, “CS2”, “Cyberpunk 2077” - always lags adn etc. While its turbo mode is On, = CPU always going to peak of 95*C Degrees (its boostong itself until its temp hits 95*C). Which I assume is not OK. Even if set the target temp to 80*C, as alreay think that is not rly ok, its eitherway hits 95*C. As for the engineer, for me it is very important to prolong the lifespan of my laptop as long as I can. Especially when it costs you 4000$, but not 400$. So I used to downclock the hardware instead of overclock them. Lower clocks = Lower temp = longer lifespan. But 95*C degeres is already near critical maximum when cpu is melting, literally. I know intel says junction is 100*C. But for your udnerstanding "junction" is theoretical maximum. On practice BIOS will shutdown entire system once it detects critical situation that is threatening the CPU.
But you see, when system is already shutdown like described above = it means it heat does not dispance as it should, as coolers ar stoped and etc. Instead of intelgent CPU power and cooler control = we see BASIC BIOS control.

Default intel webpage about my cpu - i9-12950HX says it uses 55W and 157W in turbo mode, while default asus armoury crate Turbo mode, peaks it to 175W (WTF ASUS?)

So believe it or not, this problem about the temperature could be both hardware and software and could be related to this topic, But the sound problem is really a hardware one. I got both sounds. First sound is cpu’s VRMs “load” sound, and the second one is m2 SSD’s “load” sound. Nothing above helps me. Photoshop, or googlechrome while 20 tabs, or anything resourceful and here it comes again, all hail the mighty sounds something compared to the sound of scratching the glass with the nail. If you launch a game = you hear tearing sounds from the cpus vrm (or perhaps even cpu itself). Ofcourse we hear that (175W compare to maximum recommended 157W for this cpu) LOL.! ROFL! GJ ASUS!

So when I downclock my CPU to 157W as maximum usage in Turbo mode, the tearing sound still persists but is almost twice silent compared to default settings. Besides I prefer to hear cooler sounds, but not these shredders. But there it goes another one. Even when I use 100% speed for the coolers, my temp is not going lower as it should, which could be evidence of bad liquid metal allocation upon the cpu itself or etc.

I was faced with the fact that my warranty is going to be done in 1 month so I just bought an extended one. It is very frustrating to have such problems when you buy a high-end gaming 4000$ laptop. But as i can predict, very soon my laptop VRM’s or PCU (which is integrated in the laptop itself as i believe) or even CPU itself will die soon. So yeah, why not extend the warranty?

If you are trying to catch this sound - the noise could be heard from another apartment room. And everyone I know who owns this model - got the same situation. So overall this model has serious serial hardware problems. And i'm very surprised people are ok with that, as well las im very surprised to downgrade and keep the 4k$ machine so hot and so loudy. Now i got to keep this laptop "safe" untill it blow up or what?


P.S.: my RGB lightnings are almoust twice less bright than they were but im using the laptop only since march. great.