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[G731GW] Screen or Inverter Replacement?

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Hello all,

In the last few months I am noticing a brightness flickering in the right side of the screen. The laptop is a G731GW

By flickering I mean the brightness going up and down very quickly, but in the far right side of the screen.

I have tried moving the screen to see if it becomes better/worse but nothing changes.
Also, it happens more frequently when the screen brightness is set to a middle level.

Previously it was barely noticeable, as it may flick 1-2 times a week. Now, it is continuously flickering.

I am suspecting a backlight issue, since there are no other issues in the screen color and I have also connected an external screen to rule out GPU issues.

I have removed the front screen cover, however, except for the microphone PCB, I could not find the inverter.

Is the inverter integrated in the screen?

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Not sure if this is all correct, but don't think our current or recent notebooks have used CCFL screens, so would not expect they would use inverters either and assuming they are using something else like LEDs to light the screen now rather than CCFL, but not very sure about all the details.

Anyway, it's been a long time since I've seen a notebook screen using a separate inverter board, so not surprised that you don't see a separate inverter board , but what happened to it or where it is located if it is still around, not able to say.

Below are some third party articles about CCFL screens if you have the interest.

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