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[G731GW] Raplacing Thermal Paste

Level 7
Hello all,

I have a Rog Strix G731GW for about 1.5 year. Since the CPU/GPU temperatures are rising (also due to hot weather), I would like to replace the stock thermal paste.

I have watched some videos and I noticed that, instead of thermal pads in the chips and mosfets around the CPU, there is thermal paste. Should I also replace it with the same paste (Noctua NT-H2) that I will use in the CPU-GPU, or should I buy a special one for these chips?

Finally, since it's my first time repasting a Rog Strix, is it possible that no repaste is required in 1.5 years of usage due to a good quality stock paste?

Thank you very much for your time.

Level 12
Use K5 PRO viscous thermal paste on the chips and mosfets. Use Noctua NT-H2 on CPU and GPU.

A fine layer of Artic MX-5 (supplied with a very good spatula/spreader) worked fine for all chips on my GL504. Amazing difference in temps and much neater compared to the gobs of stuff the factory threw at it, and which I had to tease away from around and between chips and tiny resistors. The copper hs of the GPU / CPU had a hard, baked-on layer that only responded to scraping with an edged plastic tool.

Hi there
Has anyone had experience with the paste exchange, what was your temperature on average and at its highest
there was a difference in performance?
I would really appreciate an answer