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G731GW Power Adapter connecting and disconnecting

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I read on the Forum somewhere this recurring problem where the power adapter is plugged into the laptop and the screen says Plugged in; then it says Battery; then it says Plugged in repeatedly. I have this issue with my G731GW, too.

The report goes on to say that it isn't the adapter, the battery, or the port. The final assessment is it is a disconnect on the motherboard itself. Mine must be a partial disconnect, because as long as I plug it in--it verifies--and I don't even breathe on it, it charges.

I'm in the middle of a timed project at the moment. Then, the laptop could go to a repair shop to see what's what.

My question: Can the USB C on the back of the laptop be used to charge the laptop? I can imagine that it cannot be the same charge as, say, an Apple ipad, to charge the laptop.

Any thoughts, opinions, or advice appreciated.


The included power adapter is 280W. USB cannot supply anywhere near that amount. Hence a lot of gaming laptops don't support USB charging because it is insufficient. I'm not sure if yours supports USB but even if it does it will be a trickle.
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Thanks, I must have skipped to Albert's reply--I appreciate the information. XQ

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XanaduQ wrote:

My question: Can the USB C on the back of the laptop be used to charge the laptop? I can imagine that it cannot be the same charge as, say, an Apple ipad, to charge the laptop.

If you refer to the G731GW user manual p24 below, it mentions the rear USB type-C connection only supports data transfer and display output, so unfortunately cannot be used to charge the notebook.

If you want to compare with some newer ROG gaming notebook models, the user manual will provide the specifications of the USB type-C power adapter when it can be used to charge the notebook although as xeromist mentioned, the wattage of the USB type-C adapter will not be the same as the original barrel-plug AC adapter, so it would not be able to replace it, but it can be used to charge the battery when the notebook is turned off.

Thanks so much!  I thought I replied to your post way back, but I don't see it. I apologize for the delay.

I kindof live with the problem--I power down whenever possible and put the laptop on the charger where it can be perfectly still. Then, I use it on the battery until it is low. Repeat. Only occasionally it will disconnect anyway and I find it dead in the morning--causing a Windows crash on start.  It works okay, but this isn't optimal at all--certainly not for a high end laptop.

This has gone on for quite some time with lots of consumers reporting this issue. I wondered if there were a solution by now.

There are a bunch of logical theories out there. I wondered if anyone can verify any one of them?

I do think the "adapter pin tip plastic melting" theory is the most likely. So far, whatever it is doesn't seem to affect the running of my G731GW laptop in any way I can see: battery is fine; works well on battery--and actually works well on the charger (when it stays connected), but it's a challenge.

Someone else mentioned a possibility that Armory Crate is the cause of this happening. To be frank, I never even considered a software issue. This person said they uninstalled it and reinstalled it, and voila, no issue. Replies to the post were mixed results. Possible?

My concern is continuing to use it while it has this problem might cause damage to the components of the laptop. So, I'd really like to resolve it once and for all. Others say to scrap it--it is getting older now. I like the computer. It isn't perfect by far, but I don't like wasting money. Of course, the problem started after the warranty expired. That might be only because I don't game at all--so all those people who do seem to experience the issue much more quickly than I did. Should I thank my lucky stars that I had 18 months of peace--sorry to be negative, I don't feel all that lucky ATM.

Someone else also mentioned a 230 adapter coming out--quite a while back--1. Did it actually become available for the G731GW and 2. Did this resolve this issue.

Just looking to keep the laptop going--I'm loathe to research laptops all over again. I need N-Key Rollover for my work, so with manufacturers ditching or limiting it to a few keys, it's a bear to find. The feature isn't reported in the specs most of the time, so it's time consuming to call, especially if I have to explain the feature to the person who answers the phone. Oy!

Any real solutions out there? 


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I think it is the port. I have been having the same issue with my G731GU. I initially bought a new charger and worked fine... for a while. Then it started to happen again. I do not recommend this UNLESS you are mechanically competent and willing to take a chance at breaking something... but what I do when it happens is first, take a small screwdriver and expand the pins in the port. I then squirt some contact cleaner into the port just in case there is any corrosion. I also do the same to the inner part of the connector. It will once again work. 

I am not sure if the connectors are not making good contact or if there is corrision on the pins, but appears to be a bad or high resistance connection, at least on the 731. 

One hint, DO NOT put too much pressure on the pins if you choose to try it... looks like the port is a pain to replace. 

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Same Problem here with a G713RW.

My observation is, when using the NVidia Graphics Card, the Power Cable and Connector gets very hot and at some point the Notebook switches between plugged in and not connected/battery Mode regularly, to a point, where it switches every second.

This even happens, when fhe Notebook rests on the table and is not moved in any way.

If i put the Notebook in a position, where the Power Connector Cable can hang down (thus is not behind the hot fan outlet) Problems are gone.

I opened a quality issue with ASUS.

My guess is, that the Power Connector Cable or Connector heats up to a point, where the elecitrical properties are negatively influenced or even worse, the solder of the Power Connector connection to the Mainboard is softened. The measure of heat dissipating from the fan outlets is definetly very high.

Any joy with that quality report to Asus? Just curious. It seems to me that Asus is completely ignoring the issue. No real ownership that there is a problem or attempts to resolve it. 


So I am very sure that this would not be the case as with me this is happening with the charger and adapter at low temperature.

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I am certain it is the pins in the jack on the computer. There are 4 pins... 2 really this longer pins and 2 more rigid shorter pins. I take a small jewelers screwdriver and gently (do not want to overbend) the smaller more rigid pins outward and  the adapter works well for a while. When it starts happening again, I simply repeat. I can get the  adapter to be consistent other times by hanging the cord on the top of the screen. If I have not adjusted the pins it will disconnect when I change the positive of the cord. I hope this makes sense. The fatter pins inside the jack need to make solid contact with the inside off the adapter. This is done by gently (repeat, gently) expanding the pins in the jack.