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G731GW Power Adapter connecting and disconnecting

Level 8

I read on the Forum somewhere this recurring problem where the power adapter is plugged into the laptop and the screen says Plugged in; then it says Battery; then it says Plugged in repeatedly. I have this issue with my G731GW, too.

The report goes on to say that it isn't the adapter, the battery, or the port. The final assessment is it is a disconnect on the motherboard itself. Mine must be a partial disconnect, because as long as I plug it in--it verifies--and I don't even breathe on it, it charges.

I'm in the middle of a timed project at the moment. Then, the laptop could go to a repair shop to see what's what.

My question: Can the USB C on the back of the laptop be used to charge the laptop? I can imagine that it cannot be the same charge as, say, an Apple ipad, to charge the laptop.

Any thoughts, opinions, or advice appreciated.


Actually, although your explanation makes sense--I have no idea about the pins on the jack, where they are found, or how easy they are to access. Not a hardware person here--I feel lucky to be able to change/add a harddrive, RAM, and batteries (when they were removable), and use modern software. Unless it is simple, I'd be concerned I'd damage the laptop further. Do you think the average person can do this?


Thanks for your help—at least I won’t waste time and money getting a new adapter, etc. I did a little research on fixing the jack—sounds a little too involved for this old gal. Repair shop not out of the question, but it is an expensive process for a (now) older laptop, especially when it wasn’t so old when it started. Not a happy camper. I’ll use it til the set up I have no longer functions… guess I’m back to researching another laptop. Asus should have addressed the issue and offered some alternatives since the problem doesn’t seem to happen until after the warranty has expired. Convenient for them. XQ

Level 7

I am having the same issue last 1 year almost. When I faced the problem on my first charger, I kept on rotating the wires and it worked but it stops working if the wire gets out of place a little bit. Then I bought a new charger. the new one worked for couple months and then started having the same issue. Now couple days back I bought my 3rd charger, it worked for 1 week and started having the same problem.

Now, I dont think its a software problem. Because if it was a software problem the new charger would not have worked. I also think it is not an issue with the charger, because new chargers stopped working so soon.

Final issue is, I think it has something to do with the charger port at the back of the laptop. I think thats where the problem resides. Asus should really look into this and give us a final solution so that we dont waste money buying new chargers. I went to the authorised service center, but they just ask me to replace the charger again. Now, I am just thinking of buying HP or Dell. I am never going to buy another low rank brand laptop like asus or any such brands. 

My biggest mistake was buying this asus laptop. I used HP before this, never had any such issue for 3-4 years. It was such a wonderful laptop.

So, my final HP or Dell who are the leaders and they always make sure their products are fault free before releasing it to the public. Also, best part about them is you can find after market chargers for hp and dell too. But cant find after market chargers for asus. 

Level 7

SO I have had this exact issue and I have determined that the issues is on the power brick. Specifically the the DC output cable. I seems as if the internal cable has some issues as in some position the cord fails and the laptop goes onto battery. So I haven't tried any permanent fixes yet but I thing that taping the cord onto the adapter may work as it wont allow it to bend. My recommendation would be to buy I third party adapter that doesn't have this design issue.

Level 7

Alright, I got a similar problem. My ASUS G713QM is designed to withstand temperatures to around 105 degrees, so it does get very hot. One issue with that device is: No matter how I place it on the table, the cable will always be a subject of around 95 degrees of hot air. No problem there, the cable works fine, it has no issues of any kind. The cable is currently, as I am writing this, no subject of hot air, since my laptop is on my thighs, and I got a pretty hard game running, so that thing will definitely heat up. But right now, it doesn't get nearly as hot as usual, because it is away from the hot air, letting me touch the metal pin without burning my hand. The fault here, is most likely the pins. Once I turn the cable, It immediately disconnects and reconnects all the time. It just can't lay on the side or be turned, it has to hang down, meaning, at least some pins are loose, damaged or whatever. The cable in itself, could be damaged from all the heat it has experienced over the course of 2 years, since the fans run hot, and the laptop does register my cable as constantly disconnected and connected, just from heating up. My problems started around a month ago, it just never was that bad as I had it the last couple days, but I think I make the right assessment. I didn't clean my fans lately, I will definitely try that, and buy another cable. If the issues remain, it definitely has something to do with the pins, that is at least my guess, and adjusting them, as read on this forum, seems to be a working trick. I don't know if that helps, but I guess this might help someone... Of course, if the issues are more severe or somewhere else, this won't help much.