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G731GW issue with Power Adapter PIN getting extremely hot.

Level 8
Hi Guys

This is my 4th ROG laptop and cant believe this could happen to a 1+ year old laptop which is taken care of like a baby.
All my other laptops worked 3+ years flawless.

I am having an issue with my laptop as when i am gaming the power adapter Pin gets extremely hot and starts giving me message of unplugged/plugged.
If i am using it for just browsing internet, Netflix or lighter work its working ok, the pin isn't getting hot at all.
So it seems the adapter is not working at 19.5V all the time, seems like these are smart adapters only provide power as needed.

I am using this laptop from 1 year and there were no issue until ( i am not sure if this is related ) armory crate upgraded the ASUS System Control Interface V2 Version to V2.2.33.20 to the latest 2 weeks ago.
I have tried downgrading the software no change , reinstalled whole OS no change, downgraded the BIOS to 307 no change.

I use it very carefully and keep it clean, before making this post i searched and already checked the adapter port, there doesn't seems to be any obstruction inside the port or the adapter pin.
But i noticed that the internal metal casing of the power pin have a ring of round degrading metal.
MyAsus app does not show any errors for anything.
I don't have an extra adapter to test it.
Checked the heatsinks , they are super clean , the CPU and GPU temperature doesn't go beyond 80 C when gaming, but the hot air coming out while playing is something you can feel.

Now my question is, could it be the adapter as may be its not able to provide the voltage required when gaming ( but if so why its getting super hot )
the port because of which its getting extremely hot due to some degradation overtime ( or did it happened because of over voltage because of faulty adapter).
if i think its the port why it is not getting hot when in normal use.

Also i thought may the adapter pin could be short circuiting in itself, but if i only plug in to a power plug it should get hot because of short circuit but it is not.

Any pointer i can try?

The asus service centre is closed due to COVID, not sure when it opening.
And my warranty for one year expired in August.

Also are the below voltages in attachment correct for My laptop. Should it be 15.6V or 19.5V as marked on adapter.
Can anyone post there HWinfo is some have same laptop.

Resistors do get hot but so do weak electrical connections so it could be a little of both. The resistor appears intact so I don't think that had anything to do with corrosion.
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Level 7

Exact same issue with mine. I had it for over a year before I got into real gamin that put a strain on it (Rocket League and GTA5). Adapter stopped working about 6 months after that. My wife has the exact same laptop (but doesn't game heavily) and her charger worked on both our laptops but the bad power adapter would do the plugged in/unplugged thing on both laptops so I knew it was the adapter. Ordered a new one and now about 10 months later, here we are again hers still works great on both laptops). Very interested to see how you solution with a resistor less cable works out. What I am wondering is if I upgrade to a 230W brick, will that solve the issue? Thoughts?

Level 7

It's 2024 and I've had this laptop since 2021 and currently on my third charger. The issue is so bad, a 4th charger is currently in the mail heading to me even though this third charger is working. The primary issue is not a bent plug, it's poor design I'll say it straight up. The connector gets hot and for a few days/weeks you can fiddle with the charger plug to get a connection but eventually it will connect so rarely you'll just buy a new charger out of frustration. My only choice is to keep buying a $80 charger per year or get a new laptop. I wish ASUS who *must* know of this problem by now, would have just fessed up to it and offered a fix.