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G713QR High temps and low frame rate all of the sudden?

Level 7

I own a G713QR and usually use my integrated AMD GPU for light gaming on less demanding titles (valorant, csgo, etc.). WIth valorant, I usually get 144 fps with a CPU temp at about 60-70C. Well, that is until today.

For some reason, now I'm getting 80+ C struggling to hit 50-70 fps in valorant and I'm getting kind of concerned. I began noticing this after I had switched into standard mode and used my 3070 for a more demanding game and switched back, but I've done this many times before and have never had this happen.

I have updated drivers but that didn't work. I have no idea why this is happening. Your help is very appreciated, thanks in advance.

Level 9
I have a similar problem on the same machine, but I use the discret gpu. Playing warzone puts the gpu temp at 85° sometimes, and I am getting worried. I noticed that even changing the mode in armoury crate to TURBO doesnt help. The only thing that helps is creating a manual configuration on which you put the fans at 100% after hitting 70°. I think above 80° for the graphic card is just too hot.