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G713QR freezes

Level 7

Hi everyone, ever since my 2 year warranty expired in July my laptop started freezing on the ROG logo and usually going to a black screen afterwards and would be stuck like that for hours.



Usually after a few hard resets it would be forced to worked and eventually get to the windows page that says “Couldn’t install updates”, making me think a new Windows update makes it stuck, I disabled windows updates and froze them, yet the issue persisted, this time eventually when it did work it was “Cleaning up” and then the computer would run for hours and days. Today I took the plunge since over 50 hard resets didn’t work and decided to do a fresh installation of Windows. Now it gets stuck on this stage 




and I’m at a loss right now. Understanding it most likely is a hardware issue and I live in a country without proper Asus service. Does anyone know what it may be?

Thank you 


Level 12

I was having the same problem as you describe, I tried everything to get it to stop it only had gotten worst over time,  I finally gave up I am having somebody look into the issue for me. 

I was told it’s most likely a faulty drive, ordered a new SSD and praying it solves the issue.

Yeah I was talking to the person looking into my issues with the freezing they changed out the SSD and still it continues to freeze. From what I was told they have reinstalled windows 11 did all the drivers updates also cleaned it and have replaced the thermal paste.

Just installed new SSD, it still freezes when trying to install Windows 11. I’m lost.

Managed to force through the Windows 11 installation, but the laptop still freezes 5 minutes after boot up, if not less. Agh. 

I feel your pain in this as well it's been awhile since my system started doing this and not being about to use my system has driven me up the wall. I am still waiting for the professional I sent my system to to figure it out as well, hopefully he can get it working an let me know what the issues were so I can post it here for you.

Thanks for replying, yeah, I’ll probably end up putting it in for a repair service as well. I don’t know about your system, but for me Bios works flawlessy and doesn’t freeze for hours. The freezing used to happen often while computer started up and was on “default” setting, and worked fine on Performance or Turbo, and I’ve seen it be a common thing as well during my research. Incredibly weird to be frank, could’ve been a factory fault from the beginning but I got the laptop imported physically by a family member from another country and didn’t want to give it away for 1-2 weeks under warranty since I needed it. Please do update once your guy comes back to you with results. All the best

Level 12

My system was freezing off and on then it became serious, I could only get it to work when playing a game cause my 3060 takes over after I tried everything to get it to stop freezing but had no effect on it. 

Level 12

So far from what the tech told me they had  resisted my memory, complete cleaning and reapplied the thermal paste which it liquid metal, checked both of my SSD's reinstalled windows 11.

I couldn't talk to him longer today, I will get the full run down when I pick my system up.