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G713QR - 3070 stuck at 210MHz

Level 7
I bought G713QR laptop. The thing is no matter which game i try to play my GPU clock stays in 210MHz and 100% usage. Which leads to low fps even in menu. Both CPU and GPU seats around 60 C.

The only modifications i done so far:
- windows update
- amd drivers installed
- nvidia drivers installed
- myAsus + updates installed
- armoury crate + updates installed
- a few licensed games for tests
I think i am missing something but not sure what.

The things i've tried:
- different power plans
- default windows drivers
- last manufacture drivers with reset
- changing performance mode in Nvidia control panel
- changing performance mode in armoury crate

Please help. I really love this laptop, but it is impossible to use nvidia card.

p.s. not sure if its matters i got additional ram and m2 ssd
specs: 3070, 1tb + 2 tb SSD, 32 Gb Ram

Level 7
Maybe MyAsus program can get your 3070 a new VBIOS? Open it, should be installed on your laptop.

I see mine is suggesting BIOS 327 for motherboard, I won't install it since BIOS 327 came with Windows Update about one month ago and messed up cpu/gpu fans; minimum fan speed was 3000rpm. Had to install the previous 325 and things work again.

Level 7

Install GPU-Z from TechPowerUp and go to the Sensors section and upload a screenshot