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G713Q Very low CPU Clock speed when CPU utilization is high

Level 7
I am currently encountering a problem where if the CPU utilization (usage) is high, the clock speed of the CPU will drop to its minimum clock speed (400Mhz)

This will occur when I try to run a game while playing a video with Chrome in the background, for some reason the CPU will behave like it is throttled by something and the clock speed will be set to the minimum value, causing the whole computer to lag.

Here's the screenshot with MSI Afterburner graph

The temperature is fine, and it is definitely not GPU throttling since the game is CPU intensive.

Power plan is set to Turbo mode, and every driver is up to date

The laptop is G713Q, with AMD Ryzen5900HX CPU

Individually these two application will only occupy 10 - 20% of the CPU utilization, but if put together it will cause this issue

What's causing this problem? Is the laptop just generally underpowered to deal with a simple video playing in the background?

Level 7
I'm seeing this on my G533QR when playing newer games (Forza Horizon 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider). Any older game does not do this at all. I haven't found any solutions yet, hoping to see some here. My machine is not overheating and CPU and GPU usage is not at 100% when this happens. But I do see the speed of the CPU dropping below 1 GHz while the lagging occurs.