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G713PV Random hard shutdowns

Level 8

Hi everybody, a couple months ago I bought a new G713PV (Ryzen 9, 4060) That is a glitchy mess. I have to run the laptop in extreme mode otherwise it is prone to freezing on GPU switching. The biggest problem however is the frequent hard shutdowns. The unit stays plugged into the wall and Ill be using it lightly such as watching youtube or something and it just goes dark then reboots. 

The only thing I can find is a generic kernel-power critical error in the event viewer after the fact telling me the system shutdown was unexpected.

I have the latest bios and am running the catalyst drivers from my hardware page, not the current from AMD.

I am at my wits end and all support suggested was holding power for a minute to reset the machine.

Any help would be appreciated.


Level 7

Hello, i am having the same malfunction.

Have you fixed the problem? If so, can you tell me how you did it?

The closest thing to a solution for me is to run it in extreme mode via Armory crate. That fixes 95% of my crashes but it runs hot like60-80c so you need to up the fans or you will get shutdowns due to overheating. 

I've recently tried wiping the computer completely and rebuilding with no asus software or drivers (using G-Helper) and so far it has been rock solid no crashes or overheating. I do still have the problem where it will not turn on without being plugged into the power supply even if there is plenty of batter left but that must be a hardware fault so there may be no fix for that.  

Level 10

I ran my system in extreme mode too and now it's being fixed as I could not figure out what's causing the freezing. 

Level 7

"60-80c" in gaming or browsing? I hope it is not because then i would have a big problem. My temp usually sits around 80-90c while gaming with turbo cooling.

Level 10

Yeah same as mine, the person fixing mine seems to think it has something to do with my ram because it will work with no issues when stress testing it with one of the ram sticks in, but putting the second stick in problems occur  I am using 2x16 G.Skill ripjaw.

He also checked my ssd's reinstalled windows 11 and reinstalled all drivers.

Level 7

I have the same issue. my errors always show Kernel-Power 41 (63) I tried to keep my laptop on overnight to download game updates and wake up and find that it has rebooted. 

What is Extreme Mode? All i have is Windows, Silent, Performance, Turbo & Manual


Turbo Mode makes the laptop sound like its about to take off at Heathrow! Screenshot (80).pngScreenshot (81).png

Extreme mode is when you tell the computer to use the discrete gpu for everything, no switching to the input at all. It should be in one of the other cells of armory crate.

You are referring to the fan settings and yes turbo is terribly loud.

Level 8

Had the same problem with error kernel (blue screen)
Remove armory and install g-helper (please read tutorial before do anything)
Problem is gone
Model - G614JV-N3098